Webhook enhancement for deleted subscriptions!

All merchants and partners using Recharge subscription/deleted webhook can now access the full subscription object within the webhook payload. 

The webhook is triggered when a subscription is deleted. The updated webhook payload now includes 30+ parameters including Customer ID and Email. The additional parameters allow merchants and partners to accurately trace deleted subscriptions for creative use-cases such as 

  • Maintain internal alignment with downstream systems
  • Deliver enhanced customer support
  • Data audits
  • and more!

Note: Updates to the subscription/deleted webhook will not affect the subscription/cancelled webhook.  

To learn more, visit our API Reference Documentation here

'Line item properties' sync now supported for Shopify Checkout!

Merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration will now benefit from the real-time sync of 'line-item properties' between Recharge and Shopify subscription contracts. 

Support for 'line-item properties' sync was recently released by Shopify. This Recharge update allows merchants to leverage it by:  

  • capturing 'line item properties' from Shopify during contract creation at Checkout and
  • By ensuring updates made by merchants to 'line item properties' in Recharge are synced with orders created in Shopify

The sync has also been integrated into our migration process to support merchants looking to include 'line item properties' as they migrate from Recharge Checkout to our Shopify Checkout Integration.  

To learn more, visit our support documentation here

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow the simple steps here to find out. 

New Storefront Widget Templates for Shopify Checkout!

Merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration can now access all-new storefront widget templates. These templates were carefully selected to support a wide range of Shopify stores and themes. 

Recharge admins can access the following templates on the Widget Setting page of their Recharge Merchant Portal. 

  • Radio button (default)
  • Radio group
  • Button Group
  • Checkbox

Try them out today! These new templates are compatible with 70+ Shopify themes out-of-the-box. 

To learn more, visit our support documentation here

Custom Favicon on Recharge Checkout!

Merchants using Recharge Checkout with their store can now set up a custom favicon that would replace the default Recharge favicon. For example, by displaying their favicon logo at checkout, merchants can deliver a more consistent brand experience for their subscribers. 

Similar to how merchants can set up their own logo icon, a URL for the Favicon is generated once the image is uploaded to your ecommerce store. The URL can then be copied into a new field within the Checkout settings section of the Recharge Merchant portal.

A detailed step-by-step guide on setting up your own can be viewed in our support documentation here. Try it today!

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow the simple steps here to find out. 

Code editor UX improvements for Merchant Portal

All merchants using Recharge now have access to the improved code editor within their Merchant Portal. Specifically, code editor fields within the Merchant Portal now use the Ace code editor library to enable: 

  • Syntax highlighting and helpful formatting
  • Adjust relative to the intended language of each editor field
  • Clean aesthetic experience for improved readability 

Try it today!

Storefront widget customization with Recharge CDN

Merchants using Recharge Platform APIs for a custom/headless store now have direct access to non-sensitive data within Recharge CDN. This access includes the following:

  • Product data
  • Subscription plan data
  • Recharge storefront widget settings
  • Store settings

Merchants can use this direct CDN access to more efficiently and securely build highly customized versions of the Recharge storefront widget. 

To learn more, visit our developer guides here.

Announcing Recharge Collections!

All merchants using Recharge now have access to 'Recharge Collections' - built from the ground up to support advanced use-cases through the grouping of products. 

Merchants can manage 'Collections' directly within their Recharge Admin portal as follows: 

  • create several 'Collections' unique to their business 
  • add/remove a product from any 'Collection' 
  • include a single product in more than one 'Collection'

At launch, merchants can create a 'Collection' and assign it to the Recharge Customer Portal to limit which products are available/visible to their store subscribers. 

Recharge Collections are available to stores using Recharge Prima and Novum themes. 

To learn more, visit support documentation here.

Custom domains now available with Recharge Customer Portal

All merchants using the Recharge Customer Portal now can set a custom domain using their own domain service provider. Custom domains allow merchants to white-label the portal URL to be consistent with the rest of their store in order to: 

  • enable improved user experience for subscribers,
  • communicate a cohesive brand identity for their store and,
  • build trust with their subscribers

Together, custom domains can support merchants to drive more traffic to their Recharge Customer Portal and drive cost savings through our comprehensive self-serve subscription management options. 

Custom domains are available to stores using Recharge-hosted Prima and Novum themes. Access to this feature requires the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan

To learn more, visit support documentation here

Performance Improvements to 'Novum' theme!

All merchants using 'Novum' theme with their Recharge customer portal will now experience faster response times on page load and search. 'Novum' offers merchants to launch a mobile-optimized customer portal experience quickly and can be easily customized using the Recharge theme engine tool. 

Additionally, these updates will also deliver a more user-friendly pagination experience to all merchants.  Merchants with a large product portfolio on Recharge will see the most significant performance improvements. 

These improvements will also benefit merchants creating a new design on the Recharge Theme Engine using the 'Novum' theme as the template. To enable these improvements to existing custom designs, please review the reference docs here

Access to 'Novum' theme on our Recharge Theme Engine requires the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan

To learn more about 'Novum' theme, visit support documentation here

To learn more about adding 'Novum' pagination to your custom theme, visit the developer guide here.  

Theme Engine now available on Shopify Checkout stores!

Merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration can now access the Recharge Theme Engine (Beta). 

Theme Engine allows merchants to:

  • customize their Customer Portal to consistently reflect their style and branding
  • tailor the self-serve interface for their customers as per their unique needs
  • build and test multiple designs using our built-in 'Novum' template. More templates will be added at a later date. 

Theme Engine is available to merchants on the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan and who have not migrated from the Recharge Checkout version

To learn more about the Recharge Theme Engine or associated reference documentation, visit support documentation here

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