Announcing RechargeSMS for Shopify Merchants!

All Shopify merchants using Recharge can now enable RechargeSMS on their store for their customers located in the USA and Canada. RechargeSMS is a transactional SMS tool that lets customers self-manage their subscriptions by text right from their messages app. 

RechargeSMS can be configured to support the following actions: 

  • Real-time product swaps
  • Seamless order skipping
  • One-time product add-ons
  • Shipping and order date changes
  • Address changes

Merchants can see the impact of these actions directly within their built-in analytics suite. Enable RechargeSMS today to your Recharge account!

RechargeSMS also integrates with Customer Support Helpdesk applications (freshdesk, Kustomer, gorgias, re:amaze, and zendesk) to automatically create a ticket when receiving indecipherable responses from customers. Unique toll-free phone numbers are randomly assigned to merchants, and messages always come from that same number.

RechargeSMS is free for all Recharge customers. All messages sent through RechargeSMS are also free to Recharge merchants. 

For more information, check out our launch blog post and our detailed support documentation.  

Workflows now available for Shopify Checkout store!

Merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration with Recharge can now access the ‘Recharge Workflows’ plugin on their stores under the 'Integrations' tab. 

‘Recharge Workflows’ are a set of actions that are triggered based on certain conditions on checkout or recurring charges. They can automate key admin processes to save time and prevent errors. Some examples are: 

changing the price of a product to offer a loyalty discount
• updating the cost for shipping after an initial order
• and much more! 

Try Recharge Workflows today! 

For a full list of supported workflows on your store, view support documentation here

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow these simple steps to find out. 

Improved 'Account Access Link' for Shopify merchants

Shopify-based merchants will be able to use the improved version of the direct 'Account Access Link' to the Recharge customer portal to support their customers with issues accessing their 'customer portal'.

This feature lets customers self-generate an 'account invite' email notification to easily access their subscription as well as properly set up their Shopify account without contacting merchant support. The link will be sent to the customer's email as a customizable email notification.

Based on the customer's account status, Recharge will intelligently include appropriate instructions on how to create/activate/access their Shopify account within the email notification. Additionally, the email notification always includes the direct 'Manage Subscriptions' link (no login credentials needed), which automatically expires in 12 hours.

For more information and advanced customization/translation options, view support documentation here.

Improved performance for charge/upcoming webhook

All integrations with Recharge that rely on the charge/upcoming webhook can now benefit from the following improvements: 

  • Enhanced monitoring mechanisms to deliver a superior support experience to our merchants. 
  • ReCharge will send the webhook irrespective of when the charge is created as long as the charge date has not passed. 
  • ReCharge will send the webhook even if the charge is in error status prior to the actual charge date.

To learn more about Recharge webhooks, visit our support documentation here.

PayPal Express now available on Shopify Checkout

Merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration with Recharge can now enable PayPal Express as their payment method while purchasing subscriptions. 

The merchant needs to first enable PayPal Express in the Payments section of their Shopify Admin console. 

Once enabled in Shopify, shoppers can select 'PayPal' during the checkout flow and Recharge will automatically trigger all recurring billing through PayPal.

The shopper can edit his/her PayPal payment method directly within PayPal or by triggering an email request through the Recharge 'Customer Portal'.

For more information, view support documentation here

API automation for adding one-time purchase to a scheduled charge

Merchants using the Recharge Platform APIs can use the Onetimes API to set one-time purchases to automatically add itself to the next scheduled charge for the associated address. 

This automation can streamline one-time purchase workflows for our merchants by eliminating manual intervention while simultaneously reducing required API calls. 

For more information, view our API documentation here

Improved Widget Preview for Shopify Checkout

Merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration with Recharge now have two new and convenient options to preview their 'Subscription Widget'. 

• With a simple click, the preview is available directly within the Recharge application as below:

• Merchants using the developer console can use these instructions to preview the widget without having to initiate a page load.  

For more information, please visit our support documentation here

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow these simple steps to find out. 

Prepaid processing improvements for ReCharge Checkout

For merchants using ReCharge Checkout or Platform APIs, the processing of prepaid orders is now supports scheduling and is lightning-fast. 

  • Merchants can now schedule prepaid order processing
  • System improvements to prepaid processing will reduce processing times to less than 10 mins from the earlier 1-3 hours

For more information, please visit our support documentation here.

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow the simple steps here to find out. 

New Actions 2.0 Dashboard for Enhanced Analytics

'Actions' dashboard is now updated. All merchants using ReCharge Pro will now be able to view the update as part of their full suite of Enhanced Analytics. 

Advanced filtering: The whole dashboard will now be responsive to the filters, including Date Range and Cohort, as well as a new filter - Source Type. The Source Type filter gives merchants the ability to filter by select sources, including:
• Whole dashboard is now responsive to the filters including Date Range and Cohort, Source Type
• New filter added - Source Type (includes 7 source types for filtering)

Subscriptions by Action: Action KPIs tiles are now right on the top for quick insights. In addition to Skips, Swaps, and Reactivations, the dashboard now supports 5 more Actions that you can track:
• Cancellations
• Add Onetimes
• Change Date
• Change Quantity
• Change Frequency

Subscriptions by Source: Below that, the dashboard now gives merchants the ability to see where subscribers are taking actions, and the ability to compare that between Active and Cancelled subscribers. 

Customers by Action: Finally, merchants for the first time will now be able to compare AOV and ACV of subscribers that take actions vs subscribers that do not take actions, by specific action type.

For more information, please see our support documentation here

Full Suite of ReCharge Analytics is now live!

All merchants using ReCharge Pro edition now have access to the full suite of enhanced analytics and dashboards for their store performance. Merchants on ReCharge Standard edition can 'Upgrade to Pro' from their analytics dashboards. 

The enhanced analytics now allow actionable data insights on: 

  • Revenue Trends
  • Customer Cohorts
  • Cohort Retention
  • Cohort Retention
  • Product SKUs and Variants
  • KPI performance and Industry Benchmarks
  • Actions
  • Media Attribution
For more information, please see our support documentation here.
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