Performance Improvements to 'Novum' theme!

All merchants using 'Novum' theme with their Recharge customer portal will now experience faster response times on page load and search. 'Novum' offers merchants to launch a mobile-optimized customer portal experience quickly and can be easily customized using the Recharge theme engine tool. 

Additionally, these updates will also deliver a more user-friendly pagination experience to all merchants.  Merchants with a large product portfolio on Recharge will see the most significant performance improvements. 

These improvements will also benefit merchants creating a new design on the Recharge Theme Engine using the 'Novum' theme as the template. To enable these improvements to existing custom designs, please review the reference docs here

Access to 'Novum' theme on our Recharge Theme Engine requires the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan

To learn more about 'Novum' theme, visit support documentation here

To learn more about adding 'Novum' pagination to your custom theme, visit the developer guide here.  

Theme Engine now available on Shopify Checkout stores!

Merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration can now access the Recharge Theme Engine (Beta). 

Theme Engine allows merchants to:

  • customize their Customer Portal to consistently reflect their style and branding
  • tailor the self-serve interface for their customers as per their unique needs
  • build and test multiple designs using our built-in 'Novum' template. More templates will be added at a later date. 

Theme Engine is available to merchants on the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan and who have not migrated from the Recharge Checkout version

To learn more about the Recharge Theme Engine or associated reference documentation, visit support documentation here

Self-serve onboarding flow for new Shopify Checkout stores

Shopify merchants who are new to Recharge can now enjoy a reimagined onboarding experience when they first access their Recharge application. 

Merchants can expect a visually intuitive step-by-step guide through their setup process, while also giving them the freedom to explore their new store.

Note: The new flow is only available to net new installs after July 21st. 

ShipperHQ integration now available on Recharge Checkout

Merchants using Recharge Checkout on Shopify or BigCommerce now have access to the Beta integration with ShipperHQ - a third-party provider for shipping rates. 

Using ShipperHQ with Recharge enables: 

  • merchants to offer shipping rates from all the major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Canada Post in addition to other international carriers
  • transparency to subscribers while selecting between shipping options during checkout
  • set up of 'Shipping Groups' to assign/restrict shipping rules to specific groups of products so merchants can get granular with rate presentment and campaigns. Learn more about this feature on ShipperHQ documentation page
  • and more! 

To add ShipperHQ to your store, visit the 'Integrations' tab on your Recharge app today. Note: A ShipperHQ account is required to fully activate the integration. 

To learn more about this integration, please visit our support documentation here

Automated migration for Shopify Checkout Integration

Merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration with non-Recharge subscription apps can now migrate to Recharge faster with our improved migration tool. Migrated merchants will immediately get access to Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration. 

The updates now offer: 

  • automated subscription contract creation in Shopify
  • bulk updates support for merchants with a large subscriber base
  • merchant access to Recharge self-serve migration tool and checklist 
  • automatic selection of the most recent payment method used by the subscriber for their subscription

As before, Recharge will continue to offer migration support to all merchants at no additional cost. To start your migration, install the Recharge app to your store today!

For more information, please visit our support documentation here.

Improved integration with Klaviyo with new metrics and properties

All merchants using Recharge now have access to our Version 2 (V2) integration with Klaviyo through the 'Integrations' tab of your Recharge application.

As part of V2 integration with Klaviyo, Recharge has redesigned the self-serve install process and improved information flow to Klaviyo from Recharge. Klaviyo V2 integration also supports custom properties as well as additional metrics such as:

  • Started Checkout*
  • Subscription started on Recharge
  • Order upcoming on Recharge
  • Order upcoming (prepaid) on Recharge
  • Subscription expired on Recharge
  • Subscription canceled on Recharge

Using the new customer properties and metrics, multiple quick actions can be combined by merchants to create flows and segments in Klaviyo. These can then be used to send targeted emails to key customer segments. 

To start using Klaviyo V2 or migrate from Klaviyo V1 to V2, visit our support documentation here.

*For merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, the 'Started Checkout' metric will be sent from Shopify instead of Recharge.

Redesigned dashboards + expanded analytics for all merchants!

All merchants using Recharge now have access to an expanded set of analytics dashboards. Navigation has been streamlined, existing dashboards are redesigned for faster insight generation and more dashboards are now available for merchants on our 'Standard' plan. 

Streamlined navigation through grouping - All dashboards are now grouped into 4 intuitive tabs (see image below). 

Additionally, the tabs for Revenue, Customers, and Subscriptions now each have a new 'Overview' dashboard that visually breakdown with key 'positive' metrics on top with key 'negative' metrics below.

Redesigned 'Revenue Trends' dashboard - Based on merchant feedback, the 'Revenue Trends' dashboard is now expanded into 4 new dashboards that will replace the original dashboard. The new dashboards are built to improve discovery across the new tabbed navigation and speed up insight generation, especially for new admins/merchants. 

'Standard' plan now offers even more dashboards - In addition to the 4 new dashboards, merchants on Recharge 'Standard' plan will now have access to the Actions and Industry Benchmarks at no additional cost. These two dashboards were previously only available on the 'Pro' plan. 

To learn more, please visit our support documentation here

Recharge has a brand new look!

To reflect our growth as a company, we have rebranded, and are thrilled to share the outcome with you. With a new visual identity, expanded content, and redesigned website, we’re excited to chart the next phase of growth for Recharge and our merchants.

These new brand standards will reflect in our application in the form of the redesigned logo and a significant style upgrade including the color scheme and text styling. The changes will reflect for all merchants using Recharge with their store. 

Importantly, no functionality or UI/UX elements within the application have been altered. We are still the same Recharge—just refreshed and reenergized to better serve our merchants in this new period of growth.

To all our merchants and partners (that’s you!), we thank you for your continued support. We wouldn’t be who we are today without you.

Recharge + Avatax Integration is now certified by Avalara!

Merchants using Recharge Checkout on Shopify or BigCommerce have been able to leverage our integration with Avatax for real-time tax determination in checkout, for recurring orders, and when processing refunds. 

Through a series of deep technical reviews, Recharge has now earned Avalara’s certification of our integration. In addition to certification, Avalara awarded Recharge their Rising Star award, for outstanding, high-growth integration partners.

In addition to boosting merchant confidence in Recharge + Avatax integration, merchants using this integration can also expect to benefit in the form of enhanced support from Avalara. 

To learn more, visit our support documentation here

You can also learn more Avalara Certification requirements by visiting the following links: 

Support for Prepaids + rules for charge date, cut-off, and expiration on Shopify Checkout

Merchants using Shopify Checkout Integration with Recharge can now access the same great features as those using Recharge Checkout. 

  • Complete support for Prepaids including the recent system improvements (up to 20X faster processing time). Learn more!
  • Ability to set a number of charges after which a subscription auto-expires. Learn more!
  • Ability to set the charge date on a specific day of the week/month. Learn more!
  • Ability to create a cut-off window to create an interval between the day a customer goes through checkout and when you bill your customers again for their recurring orders. Learn more!

Not sure which checkout is in use for your store? Follow the simple steps here to find out. 

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