RechargeSMS: New Landing Page Opt-in Widget

RechargeSMS now has the ability to generate a landing page for customer opt-in! Creating a landing page easily allows for existing subscribers to opt-in to transactional messages outside of the checkout flow and via email & SMS.   

What’s new?

  • A landing page opt-in card has been added to the RechargeSMS dashboard.
  • Once clicked, the landing page card will prompt merchants to customize their branding information (Shop Name / Logo / Primary Color). 
  • The card also provides an interactive UI for merchants to preview and customize.

How does it work?


  • Once branding information has been finalized, the customizations produce a dynamic code snippet (HTML/CSS/JS) generated after the merchant clicks “Save”.
  • Merchants are then directed to create a new page in the Shopify store settings where the custom script is pasted after selecting the 'Show HTML' button.
  • After saving, the widget is then displayed for subscribers to interact with.


  • On the widget page, subscriber’s can enter the email associated with their subscription as well as a phone number.
  • Completing the form will prompt:

    • A text message with a validation code to ensure the number belongs to them.
    • An email (the one entered) an authorization URL to authenticate the changes.

Be sure to visit our documentation to learn more: Support Article

Update to ‘Charges - processed’ export

All merchants using Recharge can now proactively capture unexpected charges within a selected date range when using the ‘charges - processed’ export, available within the Recharge merchant portal.

With this update, once the merchant enters the appropriate date range for the ‘charges - processed’ export, Recharge will automatically
  • remove charges that failed to process within the selected period. This includes charges that got rescheduled to a future date due to reasons such as card declines or order errors
  • include any charges that got processed within the selected time range despite being originally scheduled for a different date
Merchants can still identify the original queued date of the charge within the exported file under the column charge.charge-date.

To learn more about exports, visit support documentation here.

Edit discounts in Recharge

Previously, you only had the option to disable, deactivate, or delete existing discount codes and create a new one if you needed to modify the terms of a discount.

Recharge now supports the ability to edit existing discounts on your Recharge store! That means you can increase the number of uses and extend the expiration date on all discounts. 

This will provide more flexibility and make it easier for you to manage your Recharge discounts. 

For more information visit our documentation here

Improved Customer Portal Performance with Product Search

With these improvements you'll notice faster loading times on your product search page. Now, only a subset of products are loaded, as needed. Previously, all products were loaded at once increasing the amount of time it took for pages to load in the customer portal.

If you are using one of the following templates as your current theme, no action is needed: 
  • Standard themes: Novum & Prima
  • Theme Engine custom themes: Base_v3.0.0, Novum_v3.0.0, and legacy_novum 

If you are using legacy_base you must create a new theme for your customer portal using the Base or Novum theme template. Once you finish customizing your theme and assign it as your current theme you will begin seeing these performance improvements.

Recharge is now a non-embedded app on Shopify

Recharge now opens in a standalone tab, rather than within Shopify’s embedded view. No action is needed on your part and does not affect any functionality for your store -you'll see this update the next time you log in to your portal. 

You’ll experience these immediate benefits: 

  • More room to work: You’ll be able to use the full page to manage your subscriptions. 
  • Improved performance: The Recharge app experience will feel faster and smoother in a full-page tab than it does within the Shopify app. 
  • Broader browser and device support: You can now use Recharge on Safari, in Chrome incognito mode, tablets and other mobile devices!

View documentation here to learn more. 

RechargeSMS: Now available as an exclusive Recharge integration

We’re home folks

We are excited to announce the launch of the official RechargeSMS integration! Now merchants can easily enable this transactional SMS service for their store without the need to authorize with Shopify or Recharge.

What’s new?
  • All previous installations of RechargeSMS will continue to be accessible via the Apps view in their Shopify store.
  • All new instances of RechargeSMS will be enabled from the store’s Recharge Integrations page.
  • Merchants no longer need to enter their Shopify store URL into an installation page to authorize with Shopify or with Recharge.
How does it work?
  • By visiting the Recharge Integrations page, a merchant can simply click “Enable” and add RechargeSMS to their store.
  • After enabling SMS, the store owner can visit the enabled integrations page and click “Open” to re-open RechargeSMS
  • they can also revisit the application via the /sms URL structure.

Please visit our documentation to learn more: Support Article

Subscription widget settings for BigCommerce

BigCommerce merchants can now configure all widget settings from the Subscription Widget settings page in the Recharge Merchant portal!

All widget settings are stored in the Recharge widget CDN. When the subscription widget is loaded on the product description page, the adapter will retrieve the settings from the widget CDN and display them on the page.

For more information view documentation here

Pro Theme Engine can now be Hosted by Recharge

Pro Theme Engine can now be Hosted by Recharge for Recharge Checkout on Shopify and Shopify Checkout Integration. 

When a merchant selects the Pro Theme Engine option on the customer portal settings page, they will be able to select between the following options within the Customer Portal Location card:
  1. Hosted by Recharge
  2. Embedded in platform storefront

If a merchant chooses the “Hosted by Recharge” customer portal location option for Pro Theme Engine, they can also leverage our custom domains for customer portals feature

To learn more visit documentation here.

“Expire after X charges” now available to merchants on BigCommerce

Now BigCommerce merchants can add the “expire after X charges” subscription setting to their products. 

This is especially useful for a gift subscription. Since gift subscriptions are only purchased once, they will show up in your Recharge Dashboard as being canceled/expired automatically.

To read more about subscriptions rules visit documentation here

Streamlined UX update for Integrations page!

All merchants using Recharge can now 'manage' their enabled integrations directly from the landing page of the All Integrations tab of Merchant Portal. 

How does it work
  • If the integration is not enabled, clicking the 'Get' button will initiate the process of enabling it
  • If the integration is enabled, the 'Get' button will be replaced by the 'Manage' button. Clicking on this will directly take the admin into the integration's landing page. 

Additionally, there are visual updates to the UI for a more consistent experience for the Merchants admins visiting the Integrations tab. Please note that 'Enabled Integrations' tab remains unchanged in functionality.

To check out this update, log in to Recharge today!

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