Bulk Skip Subscriptions in Theme Engine

As of today, we’ve launched three new Theme Engine API endpoints that allows merchants to skip and unskip multiple subscriptions in existing or future charges using a single operation. 

Historically, skipping or unskipping multiple charges was done one after another in a serial fashion; this resulted in a slow process for customers. Furthermore, the more subscriptions a customer had, the longer it would take for this to process.

These new endpoints mean that when customers choose to skip or unskip, all operations will perform simultaneously, which dramatically increases the speed of operations by 5x. By using these endpoints, customers will see a decrease in waiting time once they choose to skip or unskip, and those customers that average more than one subscription or have onetimes will see a very noticeable improvement.

How does it work?

Merchants can learn more by accessing the Theme Engine documentation here to skip subscriptionsunskip subscriptions and skip future charges.

Ecocart integration available for all Shopify merchants

EcoCart is an e-commerce solution that allows customers to convert their subscriptions to carbon neutral. With one click, shoppers can fund certified carbon offset projects, such as planting trees or building wind farms, to eliminate the exact carbon footprint of their order. Sustainability is now a driving factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions, and brands offering sustainable shipping options can see a boost in loyalty, engagement, and conversion while reducing carbon emissions.

How does it work?

  • When a customer adds an item to their cart, Ecocart’s algorithm calculates the carbon footprint of the item based on the weight of the item, how it will be shipped, and how far the customer is from the storage location. It then assigns a cost associated with the specific order or subscription.
  • The customer will have the option to select to make their order or subscription carbon neutral based on the carbon footprint of the items they have selected.
  • The additional charges are used to fund certified carbon offset projects to recapture the carbon created by the transportation of the order.

Where can I learn more?

To get started or learn more about Ecocart’s Recharge integration, check out Ecocart’s support documentation here.

Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

For merchants using Recharge Checkout, taxes are now updated to automatically collect the 'Retail Delivery Fee' from customers for deliveries made in the State of Colorado. This new fee is considered mandatory as of July 1st 2022. 

To help our merchants stay compliant with this requirement, Recharge will add a USD0.27 fee on charges with a Colorado destination address for applicable items, as long as your business collects sales tax in the state of Colorado. This works automatically, so merchants/customers are not required to take any further action. 

For more details on how this fee is applied, refer to the State Department's website here

NOTE: for merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, Shopify will directly apply this fee to all relevant transactions. 

To stay up to date with the latest tax requirements, visit our support documentation here.  

Avalara Line Item Tax Lines for BigCommerce Stores

What’s new? 

Recharge now supports line item tax lines being passed into the BigCommerce order for merchants with an Avalara integration.


Previously, recharge did not store line item tax level information for orders that had taxes calculated by Avalara. Thus, merchants on BigCommerce that relied on product level tax information for accounting purposes had to adjust their processes.

How does it work? 

If a merchant is using both Avalara and Recharge, then in the Recharge checkout, when the taxes are calculated, Recharge will persist that information for each individual product. It doesn’t change anything about how taxes are calculated; it just persists already existing tax lines, specifically at the fields price_ex_tax and price_inc_tax for each product. The line item tax lines from Avalara are then added to the order/created webhook payload. From there, the BigCommerce adapter injects the data into the BigCommerce orders into the price_inc_tax and price_ex_tax for each individual product into BigCommerce. We use the following logic for mapping depending on the taxes_included setting value.

This update will only impact future orders, both recurring and checkout. Queued orders in the future will need to have their charge regenerated in order to see the update. You can view the two fields when retrieving the BigCommerce Order via API. 

Where can I learn more? 

You can read our documentation on the Avalara integration here and the BigCommerce API Endpoint here

New API Resource: Bulk Plans resource in v2021-11

Merchants can now use our new Bulk Plans endpoint to create, update, or delete multiple plans for a specific product in one API call. They can also leverage our new async batch types, which will allow them to make updates to plans on multiple products at once.

This feature expands our current Plans endpoint in v2021-11, and merchants can now use the new Bulk Plans resource to:

  • Bulk create new plans for a product
  • Bulk update existing plans on a product
  • Bulk delete plans from a product

Note: a single product can have a maximum of 20 plans.

Merchants can leverage our Async Batches for the methods outlined above, which allows them to make these amendments for up to 10,000 products at a time (and up to 200,000 plans)!

To learn more, please visit our API reference documentation

New API resource! Merging Addresses on v2021-11

All merchants using the v2021-11 version of the Recharge API can now have access to 'merge address' endpoint resource. 

With this endpoint, subscriptions under separate addresses can now be merged onto a single target address in one API call making it 4X more efficient. Using the new Merge Addresses endpoint on our API, merchants / partners can merge these duplicate addresses, consolidating subscriptions under a singular address for customers where necessary. 

With this new API resource, they can

  • Choose a target address to merge other addresses onto
  • Keep or delete the source addresses
  • Optionally set a custom next charge date for the merged subscriptions

This feature is now available for all our merchants to use in Open Beta!

To try this, please visit our API reference documentation

RevRecap available for all Shopify merchants

RevRecap is a platform that automatically recovers failed recurring payments and reduces passive churn by identifying the best moments to recover declined charges.

How does it work? 

  • One-click integration makes setup fast and easy between RevRecap and Recharge
  • The reminder engine understands the best times to send payment reminders, automatically prompting customers to make payments or update payment information
  • It monitors for subscription failed payments in real-time and starts the retry process to attempt payment recovery
  • Collects multiple attributes like error codes, geo data, card issuers, and subscribers data over time to constantly improve our retry process
  • RevRecap’s recovery dashboard allows merchants to view and audit performance over time

Where can I learn more? 

To get started or to learn more, please visit RevRecap's website or check RevRecap's support docs here.

Automated customer sync between Recharge and Shopify!

For all merchants using Recharge with Shopify, Recharge now automatically syncs customer information between Recharge and Shopify. 

This two-way sync ensures that an update to the following customer fields within either Recharge or Shopify, will automatically apply the same change in the other system in near real-time: 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Email marketing preferences 

The sync works regardless of whether the change was made by the merchant or the customer in their respective portals. 

With this update, merchants can also enable a daily email notification that details any errors encountered during the sync (i.e. email collisions). 

Note: By default, the notification email will be sent to the registered store owner. 

To enable the notification or change the recipient, please review the support documentation

Stripe Climate now available for Recharge merchants using Stripe

Stripe Climate is a carbon removal solution that allows merchants to join the fight against climate change by supporting carbon removal technologies through subscription purchases.

How does it work?
Merchants who opt into the Stripe Climate program select the percentage of revenue they would like to donate towards carbon removal. Stripe automatically contributes this amount from the revenue and uses it to scale new carbon removal technologies to help fight climate change. 

Where can I learn more?
To get started or learn more about Stripe Climate, check out our blog post or visit Stripe Climate's website here.

Govalo integration now available for all merchants on Shopify

Govalo is a digital gifting app that allows Shopify merchants to offer digital gift options for subscriptions. Using the app, merchants can design a gift card experience that delivers personalization for customers, offer giftable products, and easily manage a clear store credit program.

How does it work?

  1. The customer chooses the gift cycle they’d like to purchase and fills out their recipient’s details.
  2. The recipient receives an email in their inbox prompting them to redeem their gift subscription using a code.
  3. The recipient sets up their subscription account, using their own details. 
  4. The merchant then fulfills the subscription order using the recipient’s account details.
  5. When the gifted period is finished, the recipient can add their payment details to carry it forward.

Where can I learn more?
To get started or learn more about the Govalo and Recharge integration, check out this blog post and visit Govalo's support documentation here.

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