Automatically Recalculate Next Charge Date When the Subscription Charge Frequency Is Changed 🚀

Merchants can now choose wether they want their customers orders to automatically recalculate the next charge date after the subscription frequency is changed with this new setting! 🎉 

How does it work?

There's a new checkbox under "General Settings", in the "Subscription settings" area called "Automatically recalculate next charge date when the subscription charge frequency is changed". If this box is unchecked, the next charge date will not be recalculated if the frequency is changed. If the box is checked, the next charge date will be changed and recalculated according to the new frequency.

What's the current setting for my store? If you are an existing ReCharge merchant, the default behavior was to automatically recalculate, so that was respected and you will find this setting turned on for your store automatically, but you can turn it off whenever you please.

For example, with this setting enabled: A customer's charge frequency is changed from every 2 months to every 1 month. 

  • The last charge processed was on September 30th. 
  • The upcoming charge date automatically recalculates to October 30th (the previous next charge date was November 30th)

With this setting disabled, our example looks a little different.

  • The last charge processed was on September 30th.
  • The upcoming charge is unchanged on November 30th, two months out.
  • The charge after will be December 30th to reflect the new one month frequency.

If you are a new store coming into ReCharge, this setting will be turned off by default, but you can enable it whenever you desire.

This setting does not work retroactively. So changing this setting will not affect existing charges, only future actions.

For more information on this feature, please see our support documentation here.

Open ReCharge in new tab, multi-store navigation and more!

"Open in new tab" option New 

You can now use ReCharge as a full-page application! ReCharge will be moving to a 100% standalone view later this fall, so this is a great opportunity to get a preview of the new experience.

Simply click the new "Open in new tab" link in the "Settings" dropdown menu to open ReCharge as a standalone page, in a new tab.

Restyled navigation bar Enhancement 

ReCharge's navigation bar has a new look! In addition to showing your store name in the top left corner, ReCharge help resources now have their own section and icon on the upper right. We've also tweaked the names and placement of a few "Settings" sections—but don't worry, we kept the older names visible for reference.

NOTE: This update is being rolled out to stores in waves over the course of the week. So if you don't see it today, don't worry--it's coming!

Subscription Widget - Customize the order of purchase options

The ability to customize the "Purchase options order" for the subscription widget is now generally available! 

Select whether you want the Subscription option or the One-time purchase option to be listed first on the product page. 

How do I make the change? In the top navigation bar click the wrench icon and then click the "Subscription Widget" link. On the Subscription widget settings page navigate to the "Purchase options order" select the order to be "One-time + Subscription" or "Subscription + One-time".

Can I preview this before I save? Yes! The "Subscription widget preview" on the right side of the page does reflect the option selected in this setting, so the changes can be previewed in real-time before anything is published!

ReCharge Workflows - Trigger events on recurring orders ⚡

The ReCharge Workflows now has a new trigger option, Recurring Order

You now have the option to create or edit a workflow to be triggered on a recurring order. You can set the workflow to be triggered on any of the recurring orders such as the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th order. Simple click the edit button for the workflow trigger and select recurring order.

Learn more about ReCharge Workflows and the recurring order trigger by visiting our support documentation.

ReCharge API - Sort Results of GET (list) Requests

How does it work? API 

When retrieving lists of data with the ReCharge API, users can now include a sort_by parameter in the URL of the GET request to specify the order of results. Sort_by values indicate the parameter to sort on, and the direction of sorting (such as updated_at-desc). 



Where can I learn more?

Available sort_by values vary between endpoints. For a complete list of available sort_by values for each resource, and to learn more about sorting API results, see the "Retrieving Data" section of our API documentation

View Subscription History in Your Store's Time Zone

You can now choose to view the customer's subscription history timeline in your store's time zone! Simply click "view in my store's time zone" whenever you're viewing the History section on a customer's Subscriptions page customer's. You can toggle back to the default timezone (U.S. Eastern) at any time.

Customer Search - Faster search results with Email ⚡


You can now search even faster for customers if you have their email. On the Customers page, enter/paste a customer's email (or just the first part including the @-sign) to make use of our new and enhanced email-based customer search. This is the first step in a series of search updates we are planning for later in the year.

Example: Search by either jane.doe@ or

Discounts by Channel, Async Batch API, and More...


Discounts - Channel Settings

  • Merchants can now control which channels (checkout, customer portal, etc.) will accept a discount. This is a great way to offer subscriber-only discounts (only applicable in the customer portal channel), admin-only discounts (only applicable in the merchant portal), and more.


  • Added option to turn off failed charges handling by ReCharge so that it can be handled by a 3rd party service. Useful if you have 3rd party service handling your dunning emails and charge retries.
  • Added an option to control if one-time products are available for purchase on the customer portal
  • Customer email is now included in the new subscriptions CSV exports 

API & Webhooks 

Async Batch API - Updates

  • Async batch API permissions are now available when creating an API token
  • New batch_types to create, update, and delete products
  • New batch_types to create, update, and delete subscriptions 
  • Attempting to process an async_batch with 0 tasks now returns an error

Webhook - Updates

  • Subscription/updated webhook is triggered upon subscription activation and cancellation
  • Fixed a bug resulting in empty charge/created and charge/updated webhooks
  • Fixed a bug resulting in missing address/updated webhooks

API - Enhancements

  • Subscription cycle parameters are now added to Shopify order notes_attributes for Signifyd integration users
  • Improved validation for phone numbers when creating a customer via API
  • Customer payment method updates are now reflected on customer object without processing next charge

API - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where entering emoji in discount code field caused 500 error

New and improved CSV exports!

We’re excited to announce that we will be rolling out a new and improved version of our CSV exports over the next couple of weeks, starting on June 4, 2020.

The new CSV exports have been re-built from the ground up to scale with your ever expanding data needs. We’ve made significant improvements in speed, accuracy, and handling of larger file sizes.

To create a new CSV export, you'll select the data you want to export from a pre-defined list and then enter the file name and your email address.

After the export has been generated, you can download the report directly from newly generated reports list or from the link that was sent to your email. 

Enhancements & Updates


  • Added an option to remove discounts from customer addresses after discount limit has been reached (located in Customer Portal settings)
  • Added a line in the Order Summary product description that shows the number of charges in a subscription (e.g. "Expires after 12 charges"). Language for this message can be edited in the Translation section.
  • Enhanced validation for provinces outside US and Canada
  • Implemented improved handling of concurrent checkouts when the same discount is being applied

Theme Engine 

Bulk Subscriptions 

  • Ability to create multiple subscriptions with a single request
  • Ability to update multiple subscriptions with a single request. For example:
    • next_charge_scheduled_at
    • order_interval_unit , order_interval_frequency, charge_interval_frequency
  • Ability to cancel multiple subscriptions with a single request
  • Ability to re-activate multiple subscription with a single request

Bulk subscription documentation

Performance Improvements

  • Made significant performance improvements that resulted in customer portals on the theme engine to load pages 20-50+% faster.


  • Added channel_settings to Discounts API for creating channel-specific discounts
  • Added is_prepaid property to the Subscriptions API to indicate prepaid subscriptions
  • Fixed a bug where shipping rate source override may fail when using Checkout API
  • Added improved handling of timeout errors when creating customers with tokens using the ReCharge Customers API. (edited) 


  • Fixed a bug where percentage-based discount values may vary between ReCharge and Shopify
  • Fixed a bug where Canadian tax on freight may be missing when using third party tax determination
  • Fixed a bug where product searches may fail when they contain a space

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