Quick Actions is now generally available

Quick Actions is now generally available to be used with the Klaviyo v2 integration. 

Quick Actions are standard URLs that make it simple for customers to perform a variety of actions like skip, swap, reactivate and add a one-time product to their subscriptions. Once the customer verifies their identity using 2-factor authentication, they can perform the actions without needing to log into their portal.

Want to start offering an easier way for your customers to manage their subscriptions?

  1. Quick Actions can be used in your Klaviyo flows and campaigns. Make sure Klaviyo V2 is installed.
  2. Use the URL Builder to create a Quick Action.
  3. Check out some examples of Quick Action use cases and learn more about set up here

Visit our support documentation to learn more about Quick Actions. 

ShipperHQ Support for BigCommerce Customer Groups

Recharge now supports ShipperHQ’s Customer Group feature with BigCommerce. You can offer specific shipping rates that depend on the customer group a customer belongs to in ShipperHQ. For example, if you wanted to offer free shipping to customers that are in the military, then you could create a customer group called Military Customers and apply a free shipping rate.

How does it work?

  • When a cart is passed from BigCommerce to RCI checkout on BigCommerce, the customer group will be included as a notes attribute on the checkout
  • The customer group will be sent to ShipperHQ when retrieving shipping rates to ensure that shipping is calculated correctly.
  • Once the order is created, the customer group will be stored as a cart attribute on the purchase.
  • Recurring orders and Add/Swaps will also use the customer group stored in the cart attributes for the purchase.
Please visit our documentation to learn more. 

Streamlined UX update for Integrations page!

All merchants using Recharge can now 'manage' their enabled integrations directly from the landing page of the All Integrations tab of Merchant Portal. 

How does it work
  • If the integration is not enabled, clicking the 'Get' button will initiate the process of enabling it
  • If the integration is enabled, the 'Get' button will be replaced by the 'Manage' button. Clicking on this will directly take the admin into the integration's landing page. 

Additionally, there are visual updates to the UI for a more consistent experience for the Merchants admins visiting the Integrations tab. Please note that 'Enabled Integrations' tab remains unchanged in functionality.

To check out this update, log in to Recharge today!

Webhook enhancement for deleted subscriptions!

All merchants and partners using Recharge subscription/deleted webhook can now access the full subscription object within the webhook payload. 

The webhook is triggered when a subscription is deleted. The updated webhook payload now includes 30+ parameters including Customer ID and Email. The additional parameters allow merchants and partners to accurately trace deleted subscriptions for creative use-cases such as 

  • Maintain internal alignment with downstream systems
  • Deliver enhanced customer support
  • Data audits
  • and more!

Note: Updates to the subscription/deleted webhook will not affect the subscription/cancelled webhook.  

To learn more, visit our API Reference Documentation here

ShipperHQ integration now available on Recharge Checkout

Merchants using Recharge Checkout on Shopify or BigCommerce now have access to the Beta integration with ShipperHQ - a third-party provider for shipping rates. 

Using ShipperHQ with Recharge enables: 

  • merchants to offer shipping rates from all the major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Canada Post in addition to other international carriers
  • transparency to subscribers while selecting between shipping options during checkout
  • set up of 'Shipping Groups' to assign/restrict shipping rules to specific groups of products so merchants can get granular with rate presentment and campaigns. Learn more about this feature on ShipperHQ documentation page
  • and more! 

To add ShipperHQ to your store, visit the 'Integrations' tab on your Recharge app today. Note: A ShipperHQ account is required to fully activate the integration. 

To learn more about this integration, please visit our support documentation here

Improved integration with Klaviyo with new metrics and properties

All merchants using Recharge now have access to our Version 2 (V2) integration with Klaviyo through the 'Integrations' tab of your Recharge application.

As part of V2 integration with Klaviyo, Recharge has redesigned the self-serve install process and improved information flow to Klaviyo from Recharge. Klaviyo V2 integration also supports custom properties as well as additional metrics such as:

  • Started Checkout*
  • Subscription started on Recharge
  • Order upcoming on Recharge
  • Order upcoming (prepaid) on Recharge
  • Subscription expired on Recharge
  • Subscription canceled on Recharge

Using the new customer properties and metrics, multiple quick actions can be combined by merchants to create flows and segments in Klaviyo. These can then be used to send targeted emails to key customer segments. 

To start using Klaviyo V2 or migrate from Klaviyo V1 to V2, visit our support documentation here.

*For merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, the 'Started Checkout' metric will be sent from Shopify instead of Recharge.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) - Now generally available

We are happy to announce that Google Tag Manager (GTM) is now Generally Available (no longer Beta) for all of our PRO merchants! 🎉  

You can now add your GTM code to ReCharge in order to add, edit, and disable tags without having to touch the source code. With tags you can collect data on customer behavior and other data points. 

To learn more, visit our support documentation on Google Tag Manager.

ReCharge SendGrid 📬 Integration Now Generally Available! 🎉

We're happy to announce that our integration with SendGrid is now generally available and available to all ReCharge merchants! 

Using the ReCharge SendGrid integration allows you to use your own SendGrid account to track delivery rates, open rates, and click-through rates, as well as other SendGrid functionality.

It's simple to setup and you continue to use the email templates you've already configured in ReCharge. 

Signifyd Fraud Integration


The ReCharge checkout is now integrated with Signifyd for fraud evaluation and protection!

What is Signifyd?

Signifyd is a fraud prevention provider that evaluates e-commerce transactions across a broad data network using decision criteria tuned to your business.

What does the integration do?

Merchants impacted by fraud can benefit from Signifyd by automatically canceling suspicious subscriptions placed through ReCharge or tagging them for further manual review. Each new checkout is automatically sent to Signifyd for evaluation, then ReCharge reacts to Signifyd's verdict based on your integration preferences.

Where to learn more:

For more information about ReCharge's integration with Signifyd, and instructions to connect ReCharge with your existing Signifyd account, check out our Knowledge Base Article.

Nov. 11-22 Updates



  • Fixed bug that allowed prepaid cards on checkout when "Allow prepaid cards" was unchecked on the Checkout settings page.
  • Fixed Apple Pay with Braintree bug that only requested customer phone number when required for shipping details and not if billing details was requesting the field. It now requests customer phone when required for either billing or shipping details.

Merchant Portal

  • Fixed bug that was incorrectly identifying certain customers as not having a valid payment method.
  • Fixed bug that calculated incorrectly the number of active subscriptions for certain customers.

Customer Portal

  • Theme Engine v1 & v2 - Fix bug that didn't display an AVS error message to customers that their billing zip code was incorrect when updating their credit card.

3D Secure 2 & European SCA regulation

  • Updated the help text on the re-authentication page to provide additional clarity for the customer when they aren't impacted by the European SCA regulation but their bank flag their account for 3D Secure 2 authentication.


Checkout API

  • first_name for billing and shipping address is now optional (not required)

Address API

  • first_name is now optional (not required)

Customer API

  • cardholder_name field has been added to the payment_sources response

Theme Engine v2

Payment sources

  • cardholder_name field has been added to the payment_sources response
  • When a customer updates their credit card then the cardholder_name is saved

Template Update - products_search.html

  • [FIX] When a client is attempting to swap a product the URL directs a customers to adding new product instead of swapping. This template update fixes so that the customer continues the swap workflow.
  • Removed from products_search.html template

    {% if 'preview_theme' | url_param %}
    {% set search_form_action_url = search_form_action_url + '?preview_theme=' + 'preview_theme' | url_param %}
    {% endif %}
  • Added to products_search.html template

    {% if 'preview_theme' | url_param %}

    {% endif %}

Template Update - products_search_swap.html

  • [FIX] When a client is attempting to swap a product the URL directs a customers to adding new product instead of swapping. This template update fixes so that the customer continues the swap workflow.
  • Removed from products_search_swap.html template

    {% if 'preview_theme' | url_param %}
    {% set search_form_action_url = search_form_action_url + '?preview_theme=' + 'preview_theme' | url_param %}
    {% endif %}
  • Added to products_search_swap.html template

    {% if 'preview_theme' | url_param %}

    {% endif %}


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