Analytics: Updated product SKU & product variant dashboards

All Recharge Pro merchants now have access to updated product SKU & product variant dashboards.

What’s new?
  • High-level tiles for Gross Sales, Quantity, Orders, and Customers. 
  • See metrics for all SKUs - not just the Top 15. 
  • Ranking by top performing (Gross Sales) SKUs/Variants.
  • Revenue and Customer KPI tables now work with SKU/Variant filters.
  • Separate and filter SKUs/Variants by purchase type (ie. Subscription, Onetime). 
  • See Average Customer Value (ACV), Average Order Value (AOV), and charges per customer for all customers - not just customers with a specified signup date.
  • ACV and AOV now based on both active and churned customers - not just active.
  • Average Active Days by SKU/Variant. 
  • Retention % by SKU/Variant.
  • Bar graph now shows data for Top 10 SKUs/Variants, with all others grouping in an other category. SKUs/Variants can be filtered out of other.

To learn more, visit our product support documentation here.