Introducing ReCharge Shipping Zones and Rates

What's new? Stores can now choose between "Getting Rates from Shopify" and "Using ReCharge Zones and Rates" on the new Shipping Settings page

What are the two shipping types?

  • Basic - This is the legacy flow and the same setup you, our merchants, know, and love. ReCharge will continue to call Shopify to get rates for both checkout and recurring charges Enhancement 
  • Advanced - This is the new shipping type where rates are stored on ReCharge. Merchants will not need to rely on getting rates from Shopify and will be freed from all scaling issues surrounding that process. New 

How will this benefit stores? Merchants can easily migrate to store their rates within ReCharge to leverage more reliable responses, fewer errors, and all the benefits of direct 3rd party integrations such as ASR, BeSpoke, and Passport.

Where can you learn more? More information can be found here.