March 24 Updates



Performance enhancements

  • Implemented advanced auto-scaling to handle more processing and reduce processing times during periods of high volume

    • The will increase performance of charge regenerations, inbound/outbound webhooks, bulk updates, and sending emails


Subscription Bulk API

  • New API endpoints to create, update, and delete several subscriptions with a single request

    • POST /addresses/<address_id>/subscriptions-bulk
    • PUT /addresses/<address_id>/subscriptions-bulk
    • DELETE /addresses/<address_id>/subscriptions-bulk

    API Documentation



Report exports

  • Fixed a bug that was causing very large CSV report exports to not be sent via email including Upcoming Orders, Processed Orders, and Purchase Items reports

Merchant/Store Owner Portal

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a customer's address to not display in the Merchant portal when created by a merchant and not attached to a subscription
  • Fixed a bug where an extra "-" may appear in order notes