New Actions 2.0 Dashboard for Enhanced Analytics

'Actions' dashboard is now updated. All merchants using ReCharge Pro will now be able to view the update as part of their full suite of Enhanced Analytics. 

Advanced filtering: The whole dashboard will now be responsive to the filters, including Date Range and Cohort, as well as a new filter - Source Type. The Source Type filter gives merchants the ability to filter by select sources, including:
• Whole dashboard is now responsive to the filters including Date Range and Cohort, Source Type
• New filter added - Source Type (includes 7 source types for filtering)

Subscriptions by Action: Action KPIs tiles are now right on the top for quick insights. In addition to Skips, Swaps, and Reactivations, the dashboard now supports 5 more Actions that you can track:
• Cancellations
• Add Onetimes
• Change Date
• Change Quantity
• Change Frequency

Subscriptions by Source: Below that, the dashboard now gives merchants the ability to see where subscribers are taking actions, and the ability to compare that between Active and Cancelled subscribers. 

Customers by Action: Finally, merchants for the first time will now be able to compare AOV and ACV of subscribers that take actions vs subscribers that do not take actions, by specific action type.

For more information, please see our support documentation here