New KPI report incorporates shopify one-time data 📊

The KPI analytics report now includes one-time purchases from Shopify! You can view retention, lifetime value, and MRR across both one-time purchases in Shopify and subscription purchases in ReCharge. 


  • Performance reporting on Shopify and ReCharge business models combined and broken down to its individual business components to help identify synergies between the two business models.
  • Understand the purchase patterns of their customers across the two sources.
  • Helps answer questions such as:
    1. What type of customers subscribe?
    2. What type of customers prefer one time purchases?
    3. How many purchases does it take for one-time shoppers to sign up for a subscription?
    4. What type of customer converts from one-time to subscribers? How does this impact their LTV?
  • Shopify filter offers the ability for users to access their metrics with and without blending Shopify data.
  • Drill down allows merchants the ability to access clean exportable data at the customer and order level for both Shopify and recharge sources.

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