New permission! - API Tokens

All merchants using Recharge can now access a new 'permission' to set whether a Recharge user can view/access the 'API Tokens' page under Integrations page. 

With this update, Recharge API token generation is ungated for any user with the appropriate permission!

Who has access by default? 

  • All users with 'Store Owner' profile
  • All users on stores that had API token permissions prior to Nov 5, 2021

Confirm you've access! A 'Store Owner' can instantly enable this permission for users by clicking the 'API tokens' checkbox on the 'Permissions' section of their merchant portal. 

IMPORTANT: The 'store owner' must read and accept the new terms of service for Recharge API before any user can access the API tokens page or generate a new API token. 

To learn more about permissions, click here

To learn more about our updated API terms of service, click here