Performance Improvements to 'Novum' theme!

All merchants using 'Novum' theme with their Recharge customer portal will now experience faster response times on page load and search. 'Novum' offers merchants to launch a mobile-optimized customer portal experience quickly and can be easily customized using the Recharge theme engine tool. 

Additionally, these updates will also deliver a more user-friendly pagination experience to all merchants.  Merchants with a large product portfolio on Recharge will see the most significant performance improvements. 

These improvements will also benefit merchants creating a new design on the Recharge Theme Engine using the 'Novum' theme as the template. To enable these improvements to existing custom designs, please review the reference docs here

Access to 'Novum' theme on our Recharge Theme Engine requires the Recharge Pro or Enterprise plan

To learn more about 'Novum' theme, visit support documentation here

To learn more about adding 'Novum' pagination to your custom theme, visit the developer guide here.