'Subscriptions' section is now available in the admin portal

In the past, viewing subscription information in your admin portal required navigating through multiple pages. Now, with the 'Subscriptions' section, there is a centralized location for a granular look at individual subscriptions.

Next time you visit your admin portal, you will see a 'Subscriptions' tab on your navigation. This page provides high level information about subscriptions like subscription ID, title, price, quantity, frequency, SKU, next charge date, customer email, status and more. 

In addition you can: 

  • Search for subscriptions via specific criteria (subscription ID, address ID, customer ID, customer email, SKU, external variant ID)
  • Filter by subscription status and created date
  • Click a subscription ID to edit
  • Click Edit Columns to choose which columns you see on the page

To learn more visit our support documentation here