Workflows: Cart Creation & Order Regeneration Triggers now in Open Beta

Merchants have the ability to create workflows that modify subscriptions and automate processes using pre-defined templates. In addition to the two workflow triggers we offer today, (1) once the initial order is created and (2) on a specific recurring order, we have introduced two new triggers that you can use to initiate workflows:
  • Checkout cart: triggers a workflow after the shipping quote process but before the order is submitted in Recharge
  • Recurring order regeneration: triggers a workflow when a charge is regenerated for a recurring order (usually due to a product add/swap
This enhancement will provide more flexibility to automate the processes you need to run your business.

How does it work?
  • Select one of the new triggers when creating a workflow
  • When creating a workflow using the checkout cart trigger, the workflow will modify the cart prior to the creation of the initial order
  • When creating a workflow using the recurring order regeneration trigger, the workflow will modify the products prior to regenerating the recurring order