New and Improved Revenue KPI dashboard

All Recharge Pro merchants now have access to the updated Revenue KPIs dashboard. This update adds more filters and detailed insights to the dashboard and addresses bugs.

What’s new?

  • Redesigned dashboard for additional data clarity
  • Redefined Customer Categories that compare Onetime Only customers with Subscription customers
  • Filter for date granularity, customer created date, custom date ranges and to “Include Onetimes”
  • Order Sequence metric now includes the first 6 orders, updated label for “Churned” and additional Drill Down capability
  • Added “Active (No Order)” status for active subscriptions with orders at a future date after the report was run
  • Bug fix to address duplicate records in Gross Sales for some merchants

To learn more about the Revenue KPI dashboard, check out our product support documentation

Update to ‘Charges - processed’ export

All merchants using Recharge can now proactively capture unexpected charges within a selected date range when using the ‘charges - processed’ export, available within the Recharge merchant portal.

With this update, once the merchant enters the appropriate date range for the ‘charges - processed’ export, Recharge will automatically
  • remove charges that failed to process within the selected period. This includes charges that got rescheduled to a future date due to reasons such as card declines or order errors
  • include any charges that got processed within the selected time range despite being originally scheduled for a different date
Merchants can still identify the original queued date of the charge within the exported file under the column charge.charge-date.

To learn more about exports, visit support documentation here.

New Industry Benchmarks LIVE

All merchants using Recharge now have access to new Industry Benchmarks.

What’s new?
On the Industry Benchmarks dashboard there are now benchmarks for 6 metrics, each with their own percentile ranking:
  1. Total Net Sales
  2. Avg Customer Value (ACV)
  3. Avg Order Value (AOV)
  4. Avg Active Days  
  5. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  6. Avg Monthly Churn Rate

Avg Active Days is a new metric that measures the average number of days customers are active on the merchant store, and how that compares with other stores within that same industry.

The bar chart side of the dashboard now shows what decile a store ranks in and how that compares with other merchants in the decile preceding and proceeding that store. In each of these bars, there are also new additional insights including:
  • Average decile value for each metric on top of each bar
  • Percentile range below each bar, as well as the min and max values within each decile
Note: A merchant must have at least 20 active customers to be among the comparison cohort.

To learn more, check out our product support documentation.

Analytics: Updated product SKU & product variant dashboards

All Recharge Pro merchants now have access to updated product SKU & product variant dashboards.

What’s new?
  • High-level tiles for Gross Sales, Quantity, Orders, and Customers. 
  • See metrics for all SKUs - not just the Top 15. 
  • Ranking by top performing (Gross Sales) SKUs/Variants.
  • Revenue and Customer KPI tables now work with SKU/Variant filters.
  • Separate and filter SKUs/Variants by purchase type (ie. Subscription, Onetime). 
  • See Average Customer Value (ACV), Average Order Value (AOV), and charges per customer for all customers - not just customers with a specified signup date.
  • ACV and AOV now based on both active and churned customers - not just active.
  • Average Active Days by SKU/Variant. 
  • Retention % by SKU/Variant.
  • Bar graph now shows data for Top 10 SKUs/Variants, with all others grouping in an other category. SKUs/Variants can be filtered out of other.

To learn more, visit our product support documentation here.

Redesigned dashboards + expanded analytics for all merchants!

All merchants using Recharge now have access to an expanded set of analytics dashboards. Navigation has been streamlined, existing dashboards are redesigned for faster insight generation and more dashboards are now available for merchants on our 'Standard' plan. 

Streamlined navigation through grouping - All dashboards are now grouped into 4 intuitive tabs (see image below). 

Additionally, the tabs for Revenue, Customers, and Subscriptions now each have a new 'Overview' dashboard that visually breakdown with key 'positive' metrics on top with key 'negative' metrics below.

Redesigned 'Revenue Trends' dashboard - Based on merchant feedback, the 'Revenue Trends' dashboard is now expanded into 4 new dashboards that will replace the original dashboard. The new dashboards are built to improve discovery across the new tabbed navigation and speed up insight generation, especially for new admins/merchants. 

'Standard' plan now offers even more dashboards - In addition to the 4 new dashboards, merchants on Recharge 'Standard' plan will now have access to the Actions and Industry Benchmarks at no additional cost. These two dashboards were previously only available on the 'Pro' plan. 

To learn more, please visit our support documentation here

New Actions 2.0 Dashboard for Enhanced Analytics

'Actions' dashboard is now updated. All merchants using ReCharge Pro will now be able to view the update as part of their full suite of Enhanced Analytics. 

Advanced filtering: The whole dashboard will now be responsive to the filters, including Date Range and Cohort, as well as a new filter - Source Type. The Source Type filter gives merchants the ability to filter by select sources, including:
• Whole dashboard is now responsive to the filters including Date Range and Cohort, Source Type
• New filter added - Source Type (includes 7 source types for filtering)

Subscriptions by Action: Action KPIs tiles are now right on the top for quick insights. In addition to Skips, Swaps, and Reactivations, the dashboard now supports 5 more Actions that you can track:
• Cancellations
• Add Onetimes
• Change Date
• Change Quantity
• Change Frequency

Subscriptions by Source: Below that, the dashboard now gives merchants the ability to see where subscribers are taking actions, and the ability to compare that between Active and Cancelled subscribers. 

Customers by Action: Finally, merchants for the first time will now be able to compare AOV and ACV of subscribers that take actions vs subscribers that do not take actions, by specific action type.

For more information, please see our support documentation here

Full Suite of ReCharge Analytics is now live!

All merchants using ReCharge Pro edition now have access to the full suite of enhanced analytics and dashboards for their store performance. Merchants on ReCharge Standard edition can 'Upgrade to Pro' from their analytics dashboards. 

The enhanced analytics now allow actionable data insights on: 

  • Revenue Trends
  • Customer Cohorts
  • Cohort Retention
  • Cohort Retention
  • Product SKUs and Variants
  • KPI performance and Industry Benchmarks
  • Actions
  • Media Attribution
For more information, please see our support documentation here.

New KPI report incorporates shopify one-time data 📊

The KPI analytics report now includes one-time purchases from Shopify! You can view retention, lifetime value, and MRR across both one-time purchases in Shopify and subscription purchases in ReCharge. 


  • Performance reporting on Shopify and ReCharge business models combined and broken down to its individual business components to help identify synergies between the two business models.
  • Understand the purchase patterns of their customers across the two sources.
  • Helps answer questions such as:
    1. What type of customers subscribe?
    2. What type of customers prefer one time purchases?
    3. How many purchases does it take for one-time shoppers to sign up for a subscription?
    4. What type of customer converts from one-time to subscribers? How does this impact their LTV?
  • Shopify filter offers the ability for users to access their metrics with and without blending Shopify data.
  • Drill down allows merchants the ability to access clean exportable data at the customer and order level for both Shopify and recharge sources.

Support documentation

Industry benchmarks is now available in Beta

The Industry benchmarks report is now available as part of the Enhanced analytics suite. The report is currently available to merchants enrolled in the analytics beta program. 

The dashboard allows you to track your key metrics such as lifetime value, churn, MRR, and average order value against the industry benchmarks. 

If you are a pro merchant and would like access to this report, please email our support team to get added to the analytics beta program. 

Product reporting

Product SKU and variant level analysis is now available to merchants using our Enhanced Analytics suite!

Now merchants can uncover insights on how product SKU and Variants perform in relationship with pricing, bundling, and its impact on revenue and customer engagement. The product dashboards allow you to:
  • Gain insights on customer engagement and churn in relationship with the products you offer in your store

  • Segment customers based on their product selection and purchase patterns to understand the impact on engagement and LTV

  • Improve product recommendation and discover workflows

If you would like to deep dive into the product dashboards, register to join our webinar this Monday! 
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