New Industry Benchmarks LIVE

All merchants using Recharge now have access to new Industry Benchmarks.

What’s new?
On the Industry Benchmarks dashboard there are now benchmarks for 6 metrics, each with their own percentile ranking:
  1. Total Net Sales
  2. Avg Customer Value (ACV)
  3. Avg Order Value (AOV)
  4. Avg Active Days  
  5. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  6. Avg Monthly Churn Rate

Avg Active Days is a new metric that measures the average number of days customers are active on the merchant store, and how that compares with other stores within that same industry.

The bar chart side of the dashboard now shows what decile a store ranks in and how that compares with other merchants in the decile preceding and proceeding that store. In each of these bars, there are also new additional insights including:
  • Average decile value for each metric on top of each bar
  • Percentile range below each bar, as well as the min and max values within each decile
Note: A merchant must have at least 20 active customers to be among the comparison cohort.

To learn more, check out our product support documentation.