Oct. 28 - Nov. 8 Updates



  • New checkout/processed webhook that will be trigged when a checkout is processed via the normal checkout flow or the API. This is replacing the checkout/completed webhook which will be deprecated.



  • Added provinces for the country of Chile when selecting shipping address province

Bulk Discount Uploader

  • Added error message when uploading discounts that already exist


Customer Portal

  • Fixed error when Braintree kount fraud tool is enabled and customer is updating credit card information
  • Display proper error message in the Customer Portal when a customer is attempting to re-activate a cancelled subscription that has a variant that no longer exists

Merchant Portal

  • Fixed shipping address country drop-down field so that it displays all of the countries


Checkout API

  • Removed checkout object from the request body of Create and Update endpoints
  • Removed checkout_charge object from the request body of Process checkout endpoint
  • Allow title and variant_title to be null in the line_items object
  • Added ability to bypass UPS validation for shipping addresses in the United States
  • GET shipping_rates endpoint - In the event Shopify returns of 5xx error when retrieving shipping rates, the error message has been updated to a 4xx error that there was an error with Shopify and to try again later instead of a 5xx error.
  • Updated the note_attributes field to be an array of dictionary objects instead of a single dictionary object
  • When a prepaid card is being used and the merchant doesn't allow prepaid cards then the error has been updated to a 422 error stating prepaid cards are not allowed instead of a 500 error
  • Fixed discount being applied twice when a checkout with a discount code is started via the API then the customer is redirect to the checkout billing information page

Products API

  • Add modifiable_properties and handle fields to the response body for GET product and GET products endpoints

Theme Engine v2
  • Added product data object to the subscription_retention_strategy.html template
  • On the schedule.html page, fixed a validation error when trying to save {{ order.charge.billing_address }} or {{ order.charge.shipping_address }}. Now the page can be saved with the data attributes without causing a validation error.