Redesigned dashboards + expanded analytics for all merchants!

All merchants using Recharge now have access to an expanded set of analytics dashboards. Navigation has been streamlined, existing dashboards are redesigned for faster insight generation and more dashboards are now available for merchants on our 'Standard' plan. 

Streamlined navigation through grouping - All dashboards are now grouped into 4 intuitive tabs (see image below). 

Additionally, the tabs for Revenue, Customers, and Subscriptions now each have a new 'Overview' dashboard that visually breakdown with key 'positive' metrics on top with key 'negative' metrics below.

Redesigned 'Revenue Trends' dashboard - Based on merchant feedback, the 'Revenue Trends' dashboard is now expanded into 4 new dashboards that will replace the original dashboard. The new dashboards are built to improve discovery across the new tabbed navigation and speed up insight generation, especially for new admins/merchants. 

'Standard' plan now offers even more dashboards - In addition to the 4 new dashboards, merchants on Recharge 'Standard' plan will now have access to the Actions and Industry Benchmarks at no additional cost. These two dashboards were previously only available on the 'Pro' plan. 

To learn more, please visit our support documentation here